About the Authors

About Leah
Leah is a gender- & sex-industry critical radical feminist who believes in gender abolitionism through a reordering of society. Her primary areas of interest include politics, rape culture and the influence of the media. She is also an advocate for minorities, underprivileged classes and the body-positive movement.

In addition to being a social justice warrior, Leah is a 90s fanatic, dog mom, poetry writer, back up dancer, rugby girlfriend, football fan and neurotic planner.

She currently works in marketing and has a Bachelor’s degree in communications and psychology.

About Ashley
Ashley is a Marxist semi-radical feminist who is interested in the role of capitalism in women’s oppression.

When she’s not debating the merits of feminism in modern society, she is balancing her many responsibilities as a crazy cat lady and social worker.

She holds dual degrees in psychology and sociology.