Shit I Saw on Facebook IV

trevor noah“Remove sex from a relationship and you will discover that over 90% of ladies have nothing to offer in relationships.

Remove money from a relationship and you will discover that over 90% of ladies won’t see a reason to be in that relationship.” – Trevor Noah

Let me start by defending my man Trevor Noah here, because this does not sound like something he would ever say and I can’t find any evidence that actually attributes this quote to him. Can we all make a pledge to stop randomly pasting quotes onto photos of celebrities and historical figures? Because we are genuinely confusing people into believing that traditional Irish blessings originated with Drake and Abraham Lincoln said “when you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on” (which actually came from FDR).

But back to the content… what even is this quote?! Reworded only slightly, it reads “more than 90% of women are gold-diggers who are good for nothing but sex”. Trevor Noah may be a comedian (though again I don’t believe this was actually said) and comedians get a pass on most jokes – but this isn’t a joke. Just a statement. So I don’t think comedic license applies here.

But as with most Facebook posts, the most entertaining part of this was the comment section, with dozens of people battling out whether or not this was true. (And worth noting: if this was clearly a joke, why would people be defending it at all?)

So naturally, I stole some screenshots for the “Shit I Saw on Facebook” this week:

These lovely gentlemen are confused as to why saying all women are nothing but shallow sex objects could possibly be misogynistic.

Ah, of course. Women are destined by birth to have no redeeming qualities and to use men for money. This is an unavoidable, profound truth.

Now this was deep in the comment section about how marriage is crumbling. Note that it’s women giving up “free” sex that is ruining relationships – but when women want financial security in exchange for sex, you get the gold-diggers mentioned in the original post. Also worth mentioning is that men can pursue casual sex and it’s the sole responsibility of women to control sexuality – yet on the flip side, all women are cheaters. Honorable mention: the term “female-coveted concept of marriage”.

And finally, my favorite. A woman who has the nerve to turn this quote around on men – and generously, in fact, by reducing the stated 90% to only 70% – and the immediate, intense backlash. An offensive statement about women is an “unavoidable, constant truth” but an offensive statement about men is clearly only made by worthless whores and therefore untrue. It’s also interesting to me how most insults directed at women are sexual in nature, but that’s a blog for another time.

Casual sexism like this is one of my biggest pet peeves. Regardless of intent, this stuff circulates on social media sites with no one thinking anything of it and ultimately, it serves to reinforce sexist beliefs. It may be a little thing, but the comments show how many people this “resonated” with. As progressive as we want to think we are in 2017, sexist gendered “scripts” – especially around dating – persist and continue to influence us all.


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