No, It’s Not Sexist to Open Doors

I just want to put to bed something I’ve been hearing recently about feminists being “outraged” when men hold the door open for them.

So here it is: this is a myth. Opening doors is a courtesy, regardless of gender. There is no  “issue” here because it’s not an act of sexism or an act of oppression. Yes, one could argue that it derives from antiquated gender roles that suggest women are “weak” and need to be treated as such; but this is hardly the case today. More importantly, this is not something feminists are concerned with and I assure you there are no feminist rallies around it.

The idea that feminists are offended by having doors held open for them, while not new, resurfaced after a Twitter user named April, who describes herself as a “flexigender cis-negative nonformative feminist”, when on a rant after an older gentleman allegedly had the nerve to open a door for her at the grocery store:

Needless to say, people had a field day sharing this rant as evidence that feminists are crazy, irrational people fixated on inventing sexism where it does not exist.

However, if these tweets (and her bio -“flexigender nonformative” is not a thing) don’t make it clear enough, let me shed some light on this matter: she is an Internet troll. This is a joke. The entire account is intended to mock “SJW”s, feminists and the liberal left.

So the real issue here is we have to stop spreading things around without at least doing a cursory check to see if the source is reliable. A few seconds on April’s Twitter feed would have made that obvious. Here are a few gems for your enjoyment!


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