Why Did Women March? 25 Answers.

after-checking-social-media-for-the-first-time-today-as-an-american-245919After the Woman’s Marches of the past weekend, my social media feeds were literally FLOODED with statuses from people either inquiring why women were marching or openly stating that the attendees were crybabies/snowflakes/whining/overreacting/had no legitimate reasons to protest.

This post attempts to answer that question with 25 reasons women marched on Saturday. Note that this is by no means a comprehensive list.

One quick aside: I also saw a huge resurgence of the “I’m a woman and I’m over feminists” article. For those of you, I have written an Open Letter to Females “Over” Feminists.

Now, without further ado:

1. Equal pay for equal work.

2. Autonomy over your own body, as well as birth control policies.

3. The pink tax.

4. The tampon tax.

5. The disturbingly high incidence of rape, combined with the disturbingly low rate of rape convictions

6. The disturbingly high incidence of domestic violence.

7. The feminization of poverty.

8. Paid maternity leave.

9. The way rape victims are treated in our judicial system.

10. The objectification of women in the media.

11. Beauty standards and body-shaming.

12. Slut-shaming.

13. Street harassment, including cat-calling.

14. The disturbingly high incidence of women being assaulted or murdered after rejecting a man’s advances, as well as stalking.

15. Internet harassment, such as that faced by women while online dating.

16. Breastfeeding in public.

17. The dehumanization of women of color, lesbians, or transgender individuals.

18. The underrepresentation of women and minorities in STEM fields.

19. A disproportionate share of housework and child-rearing, despite both partners working full time.

20. The inability to go to bars, travel or even walk the streets alone at night safely.

21. Human trafficking, especially that of female children.

22. The glass ceiling.

23. Having as President a man who openly bragged about sexual assault.

24. People dismissing said President’s actions as “locker room talk” or “it was nine years ago, who cares”.

25. The fact that we are still having to explain this to people in 2017.


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