25 Things You Only Understand If You Have a Girl’s Mind In a Guy’s Body

13203_tallFirst of all, sorry for the hiatus everyone! I’ve been sick for quite some time, and moving into a new place. But I’m back and ready to tackle the latest trash on the Internet.

Inspired by the popular listicle 25 Things You Only Understand If You Have a Guy’s Mind in a Girl’s Body, I’ve decided to develop its counterpart: 25 things you only understand if you have a girl’s mind in a guy’s body. (Please note this will never be popular, as men having feminine traits is not as desirable as women having masculine traits.)

1. Just because you wear pants doesn’t mean you have an opinion.

2. People often assume what you’re like based on your masculine appearance.

3. Then they’re shocked by the girly things that come out of your mouth.

4. You love showing signs of weakness.

5. You have a frail mind but a big heart.

6. Sometimes others assume you’re warm and loving.

7. The truth is, you can’t help spilling your feelings 24/7.

8. It’s not that you can’t talk about other things; your feelings are just the most important thing to discuss at all times.

9. (Like love and romantic comedies and shopping.)

10. You don’t get why everyone is so surprised.

11. You automatically assume you’re in a relationship with someone after the first date.

12. You’re hopelessly codependent.

13. Sometimes people think you’re catty and two-faced because you aren’t blunt about everything.

14. When you don’t want to hang out, you make up a lie.

15. You prefer making things complicated with other people as often as possible.

16. You love overthinking things.

17. When your friends come to you for help, you talk about yourself instead of trying to fix their problems or offer solutions.

18. You’re excellent at expressing your feelings.

19. Sometimes you think about impressing someone with a clingy, grand gesture of love…

20. And you actually go through with it.

21. You have are a complete doormat and let people walk all over you.

22. Because you have no self-respect.

23. When you’re into someone, all you think about is them writing you flowers and buying you roses.

24. You’re a hopeless romantic.

25. Which makes it difficult to know when you’re actually attracted to someone.


Hopefully, viewed in this light, we can all realize how absurd this article is. The characteristics listed either don’t make sense to assign to a gender (who doesn’t try to help their friends???) or are overtly sexist (women are clingy, overthinkers, emotional, fragile, etc).

I can’t imagine my guy friends sharing this article as much as my female friends have shared the original. So please everyone, think about what you’re saying before you hit that share button.

P.S. Here’s the accurate version of “Things You Only Understand If You Have a Guy’s Mind in a Girl’s Body”:

1. Being transgender

2. Wanting a sex change


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