Anti-Feminism… It’s Usually Misogyny

BBC Muslim Women EmploymentAs feminism becomes increasingly visible in today’s society, we also see intense backlash.

There are tons of Internet groups devoted to “anti-feminism”, including a “why I don’t need feminism” movement comprised of women themselves.

These groups, like the one pictured to the left, often insist that they are not sexist. Instead, they assert that feminism is not about equality. According to them, feminism is about demonizing men and stripping away their rights. These groups, then, are simply trying to expose feminism as the “flawed and dishonest movement it is”.

But this page, like so many others, serves to show “anti-feminism” is nothing more than sexism trying to masquerade as a political stance.

Take the topic in question in the screenshot, which features a news story from BBC.Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 7.44.05 PM

The unbiased facts: British Muslim women are the most economically disadvantaged group in British society. They are three times more likely to be unemployed jobseekers* than women generally.

Feminist explanation: This is likely due to a number of factors. Employers are more likely to pass over Muslim applicants due to pervasive Islamophobia and sexism also plays a role in the hiring process (check out my blog post about this here).

A true “anti-feminist” explanation: This is likely due to Muslim women’s personal choices based on Islamic ideology that encourages women to be homemakers. This is not due to sexist or Islamic discrimination from employers.

Sexist explanation (and I quote): They would rather stay home, have many kids and live off welfare, sucking the system dry and claim to be oppressed.

Which is pretty much one of the most woman-hating statements I could encounter, especially from a movement that passionately claims to not endorse misogyny.

One could make the argument that even the anti-feminist explanation is inherently sexist, but I recognize that there is a difference between people who don’t identify as feminists and misogynists.

Unfortunately for you “normal” anti-feminists, you’re being represented by a bunch of sexist assholes.

*This term specifies that the women surveyed are actively looking for a job, which in and of itself refutes the assertion that they are disadvantaged because they would “rather” stay home.


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