Study: Women With Cleavage More Likely to Land Jobs – WHAT?!

BBCleavageTopViewPostGradProblems just continues to disappoint. On the heels of an article telling women to wear make-up in order to secure raises, they published this gem: The Best Way to Land That Job is to Rock a Little Cleavage.

Unfortunately, the title of the article is true. A recent UK study found that female job applicants are 19 times more successful in getting a job interview if there was cleavage visible in their resume photo. This stat held true for both sales positions and back-office accounting jobs.

The implications of this finding are so disturbing I find it difficult to grapple with. My college degree, my grades, my work history and high performance are not as likely to get me a job interview as my boobs are.

The fact that our worth at work can be diminished to a pair of breasts is the exact reason we still need feminism today. Sexism in the workplace still runs rampant.

And shout out to PGP for again advocating that women cave to this kind of ridiculousness instead of shaming this BS.


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