The “Friend Zone” is Misogynist BS

051911f3063619962265de9d3fffd8b0c48f54-wmWe hear a lot about the “friend zone” these days – the metaphorical place a woman puts a man whom she likes in a non-sexual way. You know, friends.

This, of course, is the absolute worst thing that can happen to a man. Ever. At least according to popular belief.

Today, the idea of a man engaging in a non-sexual relationship with a woman is the worst-case scenario. I thought it was called “friendship” but it is actually a horrific punishment that women inflict on “nice guys”.

Public Service Announcement: if you bitch about being “friend-zoned”, you are NOT a nice guy.

If you are nice to a woman and treat her well, that does not mean she owes you a date, sex or a relationship. Genuinely nice people do not expect something in return for being a decent person.

There's even a YouTube series showing guys how to "escape" the friend zone.
There’s even a YouTube series showing guys how to “escape” the friend zone.

“Well I’m the one who’s there for her while she’s dating all these assholes!” Good, that’s what friends do. If you think comforting her means she should automatically date you, maybe you’re the asshole. When you say you’re being friend-zoned, what you’re really saying is you don’t care about that girl at all – you only care that she won’t bang you/date you/etc.

ac3a1b96-2c79-4c97-aa3e-9f4e8a685379The friend zone is one of the most sexist concepts we see today. When you stop and think about it, the implications are disturbing. It is the idea that being friends with a woman is not only meaningless, but to be avoided at all costs. It is the idea that a woman has nothing to offer a man outside of sex. The idea that women are not to be respected as equals and as friends, but pursued as conquests.

So men, please stop perpetuating the “friend zone” bullshit – appreciate the female friends in your life instead of objectifying them.


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