Shit I Saw on Facebook II

IMG_1712Inspired by last week’s post, I’ve decided to make “Shit I Saw on Facebook” a series – because really, there is too much content for me to ignore.

In this installment, I came across the image to to the left, which reads “Pipe down bitch. No one wants to listen to your dick sucker.”

So where do I begin with this one?

First of all, it’s inherently problematic that this post is telling someone to shut up – and that someone is clearly communicated to be a woman. If the term “bitch” isn’t gendered enough for you, “dick sucker” removes all doubt.

Second of all, calling a woman a “bitch” is its own beast that I will address in a later blog post about gendered language.

And most disgustingly, let’s talk about the fact that the author refers to a woman’s mouth as a “dick sucker”. Reducing a woman to one body part, and reducing that body part to a sexual service, is one of the most blatant examples of objectification I’ve ever seen. Then to use that objectification to tell a woman not to speak – honestly, I dare somebody to tell me sexism doesn’t exist nowadays.

Now for anyone tells me this post is supposed to be funny, I would love for you to explain to me why it’s funny to tell a woman to shut up by degrading her sexually. Then tell me all the jokes you’ve ever heard about how no one wants to hear a man talk… I’ll wait.

Oh and if you are curious, this post was shared by a woman. Internalized misogyny, competition between women and slut-shaming are all too common among women. Adding that to my to-do list of future blog posts!


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