Shit I Saw on Facebook I

So far, my blog posts have focused on high-level explanations of feminist issues. I would like to pause this week to focus on a Facebook post I came across yesterday.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 6

Now I see a lot of anti-feminist posts on the Internet, but this is just disgusting for a TON of reasons.

The first is that this isn’t just a “funny” sexist meme someone is sharing – this is something he personally felt the need to comment on.

The second is that this is a photo of a BEDSPREAD. How widespread is our rape culture that a even woman’s decor choices can be judged as “slutty”?!

The third is that he felt confident enough to make this horribly sexist statement in a public forum.

Lastly, and most uncomfortably, this bedroom set is from Victoria’s Secret’s PINK line – which generally targets teenage girls. So he’s pretty comfortable saying he could coerce a high school girl into anal sex based on…. her blankets.

And yes, amazingly, this guy has a girlfriend.


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